Your Questions Answered About Retaining Walls In Mukwonago WI

Homeowners who have a sloped yard that’s wasting space can easily have their yard transformed into a beautiful landscape. By contacting a company that specializes in Retaining Walls in Mukwonago WI, homeowners can have an attractive yard with usable space. Read the commonly asked questions and answers below to learn more information about a retaining wall.

Q.) What is the purpose of a retaining wall and how does one work?

A.) A retaining wall is a structure of varying heights that’s constructed to prevent erosion and to hold back the movement of ground that’s sloped. This type of structure is made out of heavy and durable materials so that it’s strong enough to hold back the dirt. Most retaining walls are constructed with the addition of small holes. Ground water runs through these holes so that the water doesn’t cause too much pressure on the wall.

Q.) What types of materials are retaining walls commonly made out of?

A.) Retaining walls can be made out of a variety of materials, so homeowners have several choices when choosing the type of wall they want. Common materials include concrete blocks, boulders, pavers and wood. Many retaining walls are designed with multiple tiers. This is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also helps the sturdiness of the wall. Each tier of the wall holds back a certain amount of dirt so the soil pressure isn’t concentrated in one area.

Q.) How do landscapers make retaining walls attractive?

A.) Homeowners who have multiple tiered retaining walls often choose to have flowers planted on each tier of the wall. Another option is to plant a vegetable or herb garden on the level ground created by the retaining wall. Professional landscapers who specialize in the construction of Retaining Walls in Mukwonago WI can also pour concrete or use another material to create a hard surface on the retaining wall. This allows the homeowner to fill the space with outdoor furniture or a table and chairs.

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