Your Perfect Iron Door in Stock Now

A beautiful iron door can be adorning your entryway in a matter of days. When you’re shopping for stock iron doors, there are a few things you’ll want to ensure.

Stock Doesn’t Mean Going Without

You’re purchasing an iron door because you know it’s strong, you know it can be beautiful, and you know it gives you and your family added security. Even if it’s not a special order, there are some features you want in any iron door. Look for hand-forged 12-gauge metal wrought iron that will not warp or twist. Ask the manufacturer if their doors have been tested to withstand hurricane force winds. You also want a door that swings easily to and fro, not one that involves a workout just to open and close. Make sure it is fitted with fully enclosed heavy-duty greased ball bearing hinges.

Extras Are Included

Iron doors in stock should still include the craftsmanship available in a custom order. For example, if there are glass panes in the door, ask how they are secured. You’ll appreciate those that are held in place by compression locks that will withstand up to 2000 pounds of pressure, keeping out the most determined of intruders. Speaking of privacy, you might also find double textured windows appealing, letting light in but limiting exterior visibility. You might want to know whether each glass panel is independently hinged so that you can open a window without opening the door, letting in a breeze or talking to someone.

With stock iron doors, you get beauty and function not available in many other materials. Resistance against much of what Mother Nature has to offer is the best. Protection against fire and intruders is second to none. Having a partial thermal break is important to help prevent freezing. And when your door is delivered, having complete step-by-step, easy to understand instructions is helpful. Don’t wait any longer!

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