Your Boating Adventure: 3 Things for First-Time Sailors

The endless cycle of deadlines, carpools, and school work can sap you of your energy. Fancy a break? How about going on a trip to recharge? Take the whole family with you on a sail through the BVI on a yacht rental and leave your worries behind. First-time sailor? No problem. Take a look at a few things you need to know before you step on that boat:

Dress Code
Most first-timers go to a whole lot of trouble to dress up on the boat. Don’t. It’s the kind of mistake that only first-timers make, says the Tatler. You’ll be spending most of your time on board barefoot so going with a casual look might be the best way to go. Some yachts offer shoe baskets where you could put your street shoes in until it’s time to get off. On board, use just one pair of shoes—and make sure they’re clean. Slippers or socks are a good choice too.

A lot of customers choose a yacht based on the crew they come with. Three is the minimum staff possible. That includes the captain, a steward who will also likely be the chef and a deckhand. If you need nannies or spa therapists, expect that it’s going to cost you extra. Also, choose the crew that’s a complete and ideal match for your personality. Some crews are friendly, casual, relaxed, and treat you and your dog like family. Other crews can  be silent and discreet, two qualities that customers often prize in a crew.

You can basically behave in pretty much any way you want. Now’s the perfect chance for you and your family or friends to have a merrie olde tyme. Crew members often sign confidentiality agreements so you won’t have to worry that pictures of your rowdy party going out of hand a little last night, that the paparazzi isn’t going to end up with a lot of material and gossip fodder. However, please remember that while you and your friends can stay up late as much as you want, your crew has to be awake bright and early the next day. Give them enough rest. Also, don’t treat your crew like a daycare center. Unless you specifically requested for a nanny to come along with you, don’t expect the crew to take care of your child. So get the proper help and always treat your crew with the respect they deserve.

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