You Get Professional Monitoring With A Security System

When you have a monitoring service you can be sure your home and family are safe even when you are not there. They are also there to send help if there is an emergency situation. You can always feel safe and secure knowing that help is just minutes away. Monitors are there 24/7, 365 days of the year. If an alarm goes off in your home and they cannot get through to you, they will immediately send the police. When a smoke detector goes off, not only will they dispatch the police, they will send the fire department.

How does it Work Exactly?

If one of your alarms gets tripped, a signal is sent directly to the service. Someone from there will call you on the number you gave them when you set up your account. This can be your land line, your cell, a parent, your husband, whoever you would like. If you fail to answer or if you answer, but do not give the caller the correct safe word that was previously set up, emergency services will be sent to you. The same holds true if the incorrect word is given.

Other Things that are Monitored

If your water heater suddenly starts leaking, the monitoring company will call and let you know when your water sensors are tripped. Say the temperature suddenly drops and it is freezing in your house, they can tell you about that too. These are just a few of the non- emergency situations that they can keep you informed about.

Alert Protective Services can give you peace of mind in Oak Park and the surrounding areas. They are affordable and provide installation and service on all their products. In addition, they monitor all alarm systems even if they did not install them. Visit us at for more details. Follow us on facebook.

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