Would You Use Ford Trucks In Chicago?

This rather depends on what you mean by a truck? Truckers are associated with large 18 wheeler semi trailer rigs and even if you did want to drive one on downtown streets, this type is no longer manufactured by Ford. However, they do still make pickups and vans which are referred to as light to medium duty trucks and would be ideal to use on the city’s streets.


The pickup style is still designated by their F-Series which originated in the 1940’s and used to cover quite large commercial haulage vehicles. However, these days, production is limited to the following:-

F-150 a basic pickup that is not only popular with small to medium based industries but is widely used as a personal transportation vehicle. The F-150 outsells all other types of automobile.

F-250, 350, 450 & 550 which are still recognizable as pickups but obviously of heavier duty. These are less likely to be used as personal automobiles in the city. They are sometimes referred to as “Super Duty”.

F-650/F-750 Super Duty – these are definitely commercial haulage vehicles and are usually sold as bare cab and chassis. They can be driven this way but the intention is to allow the purchaser to choose what goes onto the back. This could be a boxlike panel van arrangement or an open flat bed either with sides for cargo retention or arranged for hoisting up disabled vehicles (instead of towing).

Vans & Wagons

This type of truck is covered by the E-Series, currently typified by the front (cab) end of the Transit van with exposed rear chassis for customization. These cater for businesses that find that the basic, pre-configured Transit does not suit their needs. They might also be referred to as “Ecoline” or Club Wagon”.

For all types of Ford Trucks in Chicago, the place to go for the largest inventory of both new and used models is Hawk Ford of Oak Lawn.

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