Would You Benefit From Massage Therapy In Charleston SC?

For centuries, people have been receiving medical massages for relief from anything from minor aches to major bodily pain. Provided that the masseuse knows what they are doing, just about anyone can benefit from Massage Therapy In Charleston SC. It was being used in China as far back as 5,000 years ago but it was not until the 1880’s that the practice was given serious credence by the medical profession here in the United States. The massage techniques can take several forms but it is knowing which parts of the patient’s body will respond favorably to massage and provide pain relief (if not cure) that transforms a relaxation massage into a medical massage. A licensed massage therapist should have received training in the treatment of specific problems.

Body Manipulation

Major manipulations come under the auspices of a full trained chiropractor but the science of chiropractic is very much holistic in nature and chiropractors will often recommend Massage Therapy in Charleston SC as follow up treatment for their patients. This can be relevant for anyone experiencing pain following an accident or sporting injury. The technique has also proved beneficial in providing relief from pains encountered during pregnancy.

Prenatal Massage

Note – the principles apply to any pregnant woman anywhere in the world and are not limited to prenatal Massage Therapy In Charleston SC. During pregnancy, a woman’s body is subjected to many additional tensions which can lead to back pain, swelling feet and other muscular pains. Where the distress is particularly acute, some sessions with a suitably qualified chiropractor may be called for but these will probably be followed up with massage sessions from a licensed massage therapist specializing in prenatal work.

The therapy will involve relaxing of prenatal spasms by physically stretching tight muscles which will also unlock restrictions and restore bodily motion so that the expectant mother can move more naturally and generally feel good. The therapy will also increase circulation and help reduce emotional tensions and stresses during the pregnancy. For more information visit Charleston Chiropractic Center.

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