Worrisome Signs: When You Need New Smoke Jumper Boots

You spend a lot of your time on your feet. You work long hours. The conditions change from day to day, but they are always intense. What is on your feet needs to be reliable. Even the most advanced boots are likely to wear out from time to time, though. When is it time to invest in a new pair of smoke jumper boots? Instead of wondering this, consider your feet up close.

Look for Signs of Concern

Feet are critical when it comes to doing your job. You simply cannot do a good job if your feet hurt, are swollen, or are inflamed. If your feet seem moist after a day of work, or if you have developed areas of blisters, these are signs the interior is getting wet from the exterior or is not wicking away enough moisture from the sweating you do. This means it is time to consider new smoke jumper boots with a better ventilation system.

Tired Feet

After ten or more hours on your feet, they are going to be a bit tired. However, if your feet hurt – and that is different from just being tired – it is time to upgrade the interior support within the boots you wear. Specifically, look for boots designed to provide ample protection.

Damage to the Exterior

In nearly all of these boots, having a strong and durable exterior is critical. You need heat resistance and cut resistance. If you notice any cuts, damage to the exterior shell, or any areas where the boots are no longer durable, get them replaced.

New smoke jumper boots help keep your feet safe no matter what the conditions are. Invest wisely in the most up to date and advanced products. These create the best conditions for your feet.

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