Working With Commercial Moving Companies: Tips For Raleigh Businesses

Moving a business of any size is a complex process. Small to large businesses in Raleigh turn to commercial moving companies to provide planning, support, and management of the move.

Getting started well in advance of the move in coordinating the tasks with the commercial movers is always the best option. This allows the in-house team managing the move to coordinate with the moving company to create an effective and strategic plan for the move.

The best option in commercial moving companies is a company providing a dedicated moving manager. This allows the business to have one point of contact with the moving company as well an experienced professional to provide planning assistance and support prior to the move.

Equipment and Inventory

A move is an ideal time to get rid of surplus equipment and inventory. By working with the movers, the business can have an asset auction, donate items to charity or have them hauled away for recycling or disposal.

This decreases the cost of the move as it prevents moving unwanted items. It also provides additional space in the existing facility or building to accommodate advanced packing.

Pre-Move Preparation

Most commercial moving companies will provide advanced teams of packers to start to box, wrap and prepared specific equipment, files, documents and inventory for the move. By starting in advance and packing what is not currently required for the business, the moving time can be reduced.

Additionally, the employees of the Raleigh business need to know what they should move from their offices and workspace. Generally, most movers will pack and move all items with the exception of live plants and animals as well as restricted items.

Personal items or valuable and highly fragile items are typically moved by the employees. Larger items, such as artwork, electronics, and sensitive equipment can be crated or specially boxed for secure and safe moving.

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