Worker Injury Claims Associated With Construction Accidents In Holland, MI

In Michigan, worker’s compensation insurance is necessary for all companies that hire more than one worker. The policies pay for medical treatment after an accident and offer monetary benefits to recovering workers. On a construction project, workers are at a greater risk of injuries. A local attorney provides legal help for workers who were injured in Construction Accidents in Holland MI.

Mitigating Workplace Hazards

Foremen are assigned to construction projects and are responsible for workplace hazard mitigation. Risk assessment applies to the workers as well as the current status of the project. The type of debris in the workplace that could cause injuries must be managed according to OSHA regulations.

Safety Equipment and Requirements

Construction companies furnish safety equipment to all workers based on the worker’s job description. The equipment includes but is not limited to hardhats, protective clothing, safety glasses, and harnesses. The type of construction project defines all equipment needed for the workers to remain safe. Federal regulations define additional equipment needed for electrical projects and high-risk circumstances.

Reporting Injuries to a Supervisor

All workers must report construction-related injuries to a supervisor immediately. The law gives the workers up to thirty days to report any injuries. However, workers should start their claims as soon as possible to provide all details about their accident. The worker must seek medical treatment after their accident to file a claim. All medical findings are submitted to the employer’s insurance provider.

When Lawsuits are Necessary

A denial of monetary benefits and medical treatment coverage may require legal action to get results. An injured worker has the right to file a lawsuit to collect compensation. The claim could assist the worker in receiving compensation to cover all their medical costs and replace their wages.

In Michigan, worker’s compensation laws apply to all workers performing job duties in construction zones. The regulations require the construction company to provide adequate safety equipment and follow safety policies. Employers who fail to abide by the law are liable for any injuries sustained. Workers who were injured in Construction Accidents in Holland MI hire an attorney by contacting Bleakley Law Offices P C right now.

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