Work With One of the DUI Lawyers: Don’t Let These Things Happen to You

Bening arrested for a DUI can cause a lot of complications in your life, but it doesn’t have to. For many people, a DUI can cause more problems than just the sentences they may have to serve if they are convicted, and especially if they don’t work with one of the DUI Lawyers to reduce the impact the charge has on their life. Some of the things you may have to deal with if convicted of a DUI include the following:


1. Sentencing – The sentence is what everyone thinks of when they think about a DUI conviction, and it can cause a lot of problems with your life. You may be facing jail time, community service, and even fines that need to be paid.


2. Loss of Driver’s License – Your driver’s license will be suspended after you’re charged, not necessarily after you’re sentenced. This is because the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) handles the driver’s license, not the courts.


3. Loss of Your job – If you drive for a living, as a delivery driver or in another capacity, you could lose your job. After all, if your job is driving, how can you continue to work without a license? Plus, most companies won’t retain a driver after they’ve been charged with a DUI, even if it wasn’t while they were working.


4. Harder to Find a Job – If you’re convicted, you now have a criminal record and you will have to put this on any applications when you look for a new job. Many employers, even if you won’t be driving, will not want to hire you because you have a criminal record.


5. Harder to Find a Place to Live – As with the above, many places do not want to rent their homes or apartments to those who have a criminal record, so you may have trouble finding housing as well.


If you’d like to avoid these problems, you’re going to want to hire one of the DUI Lawyers to help you. They can try to get your charges dropped or lowered so you don’t have a DUI on your record. If this can’t be done, a law firm like Coates, Coates & Coates P.A. Law Firm will at least try to help you get a lowered sentence so you don’t have to spend as long in jail or miss as much work.


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