WoodWick Wax Melts are Perfect for Autumn Scents

There is nothing better than having a home that smells wonderful. Certain fragrances can make for a more relaxing environment and help to make visitors feel more at home. The right fragrance can bring back memories of being at grandma’s house or memories from a vacation long ago. WoodWick wax melts are the best way to fill your home with a wonderful scent.

WoodWick wax melts are small pieces of fragrant wax that when melted releases a fragrance. The best part is there is no wick to light. WoodWick wax melts are warmed with heat from a warmer. Warmers can be from a heating element or from a light bulb. The scent is released once the wax starts to melt. WoodWick wax melts are perfect if you are unsure whether you will like a particular fragrance. They are available in small chunks and come in assorted shapes. Buying WoodWick wax melts can save you money because the scent lingers longer than standard candles. The wax in wax melts does not evaporate as candle wax does. Once the fragrance is used up, just throw away the wax and start a new batch melting.

Candles disperse fragrance by igniting the wick which allows the fragrance in the candle to be released. With wax melts, the heat from underneath the wax slowly melts the wax releasing the fragrance.

Since WoodWick wax melts do not have a wick, you will need to purchase a wax melt warmer to melt the wax.

Some people purchase wax melts as a replacement for candles and aerosols air spray fresheners. Wax melts are safer than candles due to no flame and safer than aerosol sprays because of the chemicals.

Removing the wax melts from wax melt warmers is easy. Warm wax can be absorbed with paper towels and thrown in the trash, and solid wax can be removed by warming the wax slightly and remove it in one solid piece.

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