Wood Siding Is Still The Material Of Choice

Siding is manufactured from a number of different materials including vinyl, aluminum, fiber-cement, steel and the all time favorite; wood. Wood siding in San Antonio is the preferred material due to its natural beauty and appearance.

Most homes in the US are built using wood frame construction. The exterior walls are framed with a “skeleton” consisting of a top and bottom plate and vertical studs. Insulation is installed in the space between the studs and the exterior is covered with insulating sheeting. Furring strips are nailed at the same spacing as the studs; the siding is then fastened to the furring strips.

The siding of course is the visible layer, the siding is that which gives the house its pleasing aesthetics but more importantly it protects the exterior sheathing from the elements. There is little doubt that other materials have gained in popularity over the years but wood siding in San Antonio is still the material of choice for the majority of homeowners. Wood is so popular that the alternatives are produced to replicate the appearance of true wood.

Wood siding, although it does require maintenance, is popular because of the natural beauty is gives to the home. Wood is a good insulator, easy to install and easy to keep looking good with stain or periodic painting. With the stress being placed on environmental considerations people appreciate that wood is a renewable resource while other siding materials consume non-renewable raw materials in their manufacture.

The most popular type of wood siding in San Antonio is clapboard although wood siding is also available in rectangular planks and shingles. Clapboard is wedge shaped boards, thin on top and thicker on the bottom. The boards come in long lengths and are designed to overlap during the installation. The popular wood is red cedar which is resistant to pests and weather.

Once installed, wood siding rarely is given any further thought until such time as it needs to be replaced or repaired. Repairing clapboard siding takes skill and time because of the way it is installed, knowing this to be the case home owners have the tendency to maintain it well with painting and stain. When boards are damaged or they rot and need replacing it requires a skilled contractor, the objective is to removed the board that has suffered damage without damaging the boards which surround the area.

Wood siding in San Antonio can become damaged and when this happens it requires a skilled hand that understands how to do it without causing further damage. If you have damaged boards on your siding call the experts at Shaw Company Remodeling or directly contact on www.shawcoremodeling.com.

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