Why Your Moving Company Needs Proper Insurance

As the owner of a moving company, you know how many responsibilities you have on an ongoing basis. You oversee ensuring your company gets a client’s belongings safely from one location to a chosen destination. You have the staff, equipment, and knowledge to move businesses and people safely and efficiently. That isn’t easy, which is why avoiding any potential lawsuits should be a constant priority.

Moving company business insurance protects you from all sorts of situations where you could end up in court or even losing your prized company. We’ll look at some examples below of how moving truck insurance in Livermore, CA is critical to have.

Injuries to Third Parties

Let’s say one of your employees is moving out of an apartment building with other residents coming and going. If a neighbor trips over a box and is injured, you could be stuck paying the medical bills. Even worse, it could turn into a lawsuit that crumbles your company. If you have general liability insurance, you’ll be protected from claims of property damage or bodily injury to other people.

Damaged Property

In most cases, a move goes smoothly, but this isn’t something you can count on. Accidents happen sometimes. The best employee you have might drop a box full of expensive china, bump into a wall with heavy furniture and cause a hole or cause a scratch on hardwood floors. Thankfully, that same liability insurance we mentioned above will save you in this case, as well.

Employee Injury

Employment as a mover means the potential for injury. Someone lifting a heavy item the wrong way could end up with a severe back injury that takes them off the roster for weeks at a time. This is why worker’s compensation as a type of moving truck insurance in Livermore, CA makes a difference. It’s illegal not to have it and it keeps your team protected if something goes wrong.

Commercial Vehicle Transport

Many people choose to utilize a moving company, so they do not have to make dozens of trips back and forth from the former home to the new one. As such, moving companies need to have commercial vehicles that can drive large amounts of items in one trick. Having liability auto insurance will protect against damages and injury to other cars, but that’s not enough. Commercial auto insurance is there to protect damage to your own vehicles, as well.

Premier Moving Company Insurance

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