Why You Should See a Dentist Regularly, Find One in Chicago

Everyone knows that they should see a dentist regularly, but some people still think they only have to make an appointment when there’s a problem. Residents in Chicago who feel that way may not know why dental cleanings and checkups are important. For one, they remove unsightly plaque and tartar from the teeth to ensure a smooth surface. The cleaning also removes bacteria that could cause gum disease, tooth loss, or cavities.

Less Expensive

While a dental visit could cost a few hundred dollars depending on the location and whether or not you have insurance, the preventative cost is much less than more advanced treatments. For example, a root canal to save a severely decayed tooth can cost three times the amount of a cleaning.

Of course, small cavities cost less to fill, and the results are usually unnoticeable to others, which means you can kill the pain and the bacterial infection without spending so much.


While some people claim that dental visits are inconvenient, it only takes about an hour of your time twice a year. Of course, you may have to rearrange some things that particular day, but the act of not getting dental care regularly is more inconvenient. For one, you could be in extreme pain for a few days. For another, you may have to spend a lot longer in the dental chair for advanced procedures.

With prevention, you can plan it around your schedule, so if you know you have a vacation, schedule it before or after. With serious issues, you can’t be as flexible and may have to miss trips or work to get the care you need.

Visiting your dentist in Chicago twice a year is the best way to prevent oral health problems. Visit East Village Dental Centre to request an appointment.

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