Why You Should Hire Court PD reporters for Transcribing Legal Proceedings and Depositions

If you have legal transcriptionists in your office, you may wonder why you need the services of Court Reporters. After all, they can handle all that type of work, right? While there are a number of transcriptionists who can handle this work, there are also several advantages offered when you use the services of court reporters for transcribing caption reports, legal briefs, hearing reports, recorded statements, depositions, and other legal proceedings. Some of the primary benefits of these services are highlighted here.


There is a good chance that your office staff will be able to get through the recorded proceedings. However, it is very unlikely that they will have the same experience, dedication or typing speed offered by certified Court Reporters. Any professional court reporter has been trained to deal with fuzzy audio, rustling papers, mumbling, feedback, and a number of other noise disturbances and provide as accurate of records as possible. A court reporter is also trained to be able to “tune out” various background noise and be able to separate the voices of two different speakers that are talking at once, which allows for a much more accurate transcription.


When you hire a professional court reporter, they have developed excellent spelling and listening skills, which can be invaluable when it comes to being able to properly identifying insider terminology. While your legal staff may understand the basic legal terms, they may not have an in-depth knowledge of your particular case load, which can be a huge drawback when it comes to spelling locations, phrases, and names correctly.


When you hire a court reporter, they also understand the importance of attorney-client privilege. This will give you peace of mind that all information will remain confidential.

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