Why You Should Get Dog Care in Ft. Belvoir VA

Many dog owners put off vacations because they feel guilty about leaving their furry friend behind. Fortunately, finding dog care in Ft. Belvoir VA does not have to be difficult or anxiety-provoking. The benefits of boarding are worth doing just a little bit of research to make sure your dog gets the care it needs while you’re gone.

Benefits of Boarding

There are many benefits of boarding your dog when you’re away on vacation. Benefits of boarding include giving your dog the attention it needs, maintaining your dog’s medication regimen, and giving it access to medical care.

The first benefit of dog care is it gives your pet the attention it needs. Dogs need a significant amount of attention. When you’re away, they tend to need even more attention, because they are at risk of developing separation anxiety. Boarding ensures that your dog gets attention from loving people who have your dog’s best interests in mind. Caregivers at boarding centers take your dog on walks and give it extra attention if needed.

In addition to being around loving staff, boarding allows your dog to be around other dogs. Socializing with other dogs is important, especially while you’re away. Having the opportunity to meet and play with other dogs will help reduce feelings of loneliness and anxiety. The play is supervised, and all the other dogs are screened for appropriateness through their medical records. Being able to play with other dogs is a huge part of your dog’s overall well-being.

Another benefit of boarding is your dog doesn’t have to disrupt its medication routine. Boarding centers can administer medication to ensure your dog consistently receives its medication on time. Since medications tend to have strict instructions that must be followed for effectiveness, boarding is a great alternative to relying on family and friends to remember to administer your dog’s medications while you’re gone.

Some boarding centers offer medical care, which is helpful. This guarantees that if your dog should need medical attention, care is available right away. Continuous access to medical care reduces a dog owner’s worries and helps you feel more at ease.

Qualities to Look For

When looking for dog care and boarding centers, it’s helpful to review their screening process. Taking a look at their required vaccines and examinations will ensure your pet is not exposed to dogs that have infections. A staff that is caring and genuinely wants the best for your dog is another important factor.

Overall, when it’s time for your vacation, boarding is the best option. You can rest assured that your dog will be showered with attention, able to socialize with other dogs, and have access to medical care. Being able to confidently go on vacation without worrying about your pet is priceless. For more information you can visit Forthuntanimalhospital.com or their Facebook page.

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