Why you Should get a Baby Stroller Fan

There’s nothing quite like taking your young family out for a mid-day stroll or to an amusement park together. Just you, your significant other, and your infant in their stroller, all enjoying the warm breeze. But wait, the summer air is proving to be too much for baby, what do you do? You could walk faster, ensuring more wind, but that might also scare the baby, and may damage the stroller depending on its condition. Luckily, there is another solution: a portable fan. Most portable fans can hook onto objects, so you could hook one onto your baby’s stroller and ride away. But let’s say you’re not convinced, as those are very specific circumstances to buy an entire product for. If you are considering  a baby stroller fan, here are the reasons you should turn that consideration into a definite purchase.

#1. Keeps them happy

While you can use a portable fan to keep your baby cool, that doesn’t mean you should make them cold. Most portable fans have a setting to control how cold the wind is, or how intensely it’s being blown, in order to control the temperature. Too cold or too hot and your baby gets irritable, which you likely would rather not happen. A portable fan can keep the temperature surrounding your baby at a steady midpoint between hot and cold, ensuring that they remain happy and cool.

#2. Keeps the stroller cool

One factor that definitely adds to the irritability of a baby in a stroller is when the stroller gets hot. Because now the baby is basically sitting on a gradually warmer blanket on a very hot day, under the summer sun. Needless to say, this is a heavy contributor to a child’s discomfort on a hot day. A portable fan, however, not only cools the baby, but also keeps the temperature of the stroller itself nice and cool, or at least keeps it form getting any hotter.

#3. Keeps them cool

Saving the obvious one for last, but yes, above all else, this will keep your baby from getting too hot on a sweltering summer day. This will keep them from potentially getting heatstroke, and in less serious cases, keep them from getting too uncomfortable from the heat. Neither are happy instances for the parents (i.e. you) so a portable fan is a must for a family on a vacation.

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