Why You Should Be Using Air Conditioned Storage Units in Bonita Springs, FL

The use of air conditioning units is controversial. A lot of the time, it feels like you’re paying more money to make your old abandoned furniture and stored photos simply stay cool in the heat, but there’s much more to it than that. Air conditioned units keep sensitive articles from melting or being damaged by the heat, proper sealing keeps weather and bug issues out, and the units are more secure in general. Using proper air conditioned storage units in Bonita Springs FL is important for a number of reasons:

Protection From Humidity and High Temperatures

If you live in Florida, you know that humidity is an issue. Many items can be severely damaged by long-term exposure to humidity, such as furniture, clothing, and other fabrics, pictures and artwork, important documents and electronics. The moisture can make furniture warp and deteriorate and can also cause mold and mildew to present on furniture, clothing, and paper. Electronics and metal furniture can rust due to moisture, and electronics and other plastics can even melt from extreme temperatures in an unregulated metal storage container. Climate-controlled containers prevent all of these issues from the start since they are in a cool area.

Protection From the Elements

Most of the time, climate-controlled units are inside buildings. Visit Ricesmoving.net and click on “Storage” under “Our Services” to get an idea of how items will likely be stored. Personal belongings are generally locked, palletized, and placed on racks in a warehouse. They can also be put in full units within the warehouse if there are enough items. Not all issues with storage occur over time. Air conditioned storage takes place in a well-sealed, well-maintained area where pests are extremely uncommon. The building must maintain sealed to keep the temperature regulated, and as a side effect, pests do not have a way in. This is also a fantastic way to protect items from the elements, such as rain leaking in. The building must be very secure and properly sealed to keep all elements from penetrating the storage area.

Climate Control in Florida

Getting air conditioned storage units in Bonita Springs FL is essential. High volumes of pests, high humidity levels, and erratic weather conditions can make unregulated storage units worthless for storing valuables. Air conditioned storage units are worth the price bump and will always keep goods safe and in good condition.

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