Why You Need a Professional for Commercial Refrigeration Unit Installation

If you have experience installing residential heating and cooling units, you may think that you do not need a professional for commercial refrigeration unit installation, but that may not be the case. Commercial installations have a number of special consideration that must be taken into account, and an experienced company will have taken this into account.


Warranties on commercial equipment are usually valid only when the commercial refrigeration unit installation has been done by qualified and trained installers. In certain areas the installers may be required to have a degree or license to perform commercial work. Check to be sure that the company you choose is aware of all applicable laws and licensing rules and that they are qualified to install your unit.


Commercial installation also requires proper wiring to ensure that the unit can operate safely. Make sure that the company doing the installation is aware of the equipment wiring requirements and that they conform to all applicable local and national codes. In some areas the electrical work must be completed by a licensed electrician. Choose a company that has experience and a good reputation in your area, such as ETNA Prestige Technologies.


Installing a commercial refrigeration unit carries the risk of injury as well. The sheet metal covering and coil surfaces can have sharp edges and the proper protective gear should be worn to prevent injury. Heavy gloves should be worn to protect the hands and eye protection should also be used to protect against metal particles that can be released during initial operation and testing of the unit. A professional installer will already have this equipment on hand.


While it may seem cheaper to install a commercial unit yourself, it is important to consider all the costs. The risk of injury, fines for improper installation, or even failure of the unit can cost far more than a professional installation in the long run. A professional installation normally includes a warranty on the work if something goes wrong, and many companies offer maintenance contracts as part of the installation to ensure your unit works properly for years to come. Connect with us on Facebook!

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