Why You May Need Oklahoma City Foundation Contractors

If you recently noticed cracks in your walls running from door frame corners outward or doors not shutting easily, you may have a foundation problem. Having trouble opening windows? Maybe you noticed a crack in your ceiling and think it is just your drywall separating, or a floor is sagging. These are also symptoms of foundation trouble. Foundation problems can cause structural damage if left in disrepair.


Soil properties can change over time. Erosion or settling can occur which can damage a home’s foundation. Water drainage problems also cause cracks in a home’s foundation. Research Oklahoma City foundation contractors to get an idea of services they offer. Contact American Leveling or other contractors and have them do a visual inspection to give you an estimate on the services you will need. These contractors can do underpinning of your home’s foundation, which is a process of strengthening your original foundation by extending its depth and/or width to distribute the weight over a larger area. They can grout any cracks in the original foundation to shore up that weak point.
Installing helical piles can provide better tension and compression which will also help withstand high wind, vibrations and ground settling. Helical piles are steel shafts with spiral steel plates welded on that can be placed in a vertical position in the soil under the foundation to provide greater stability. Pumping cement grout into empty spaces where land has sunk can provide more support to the foundation.


Contact your local Oklahoma City foundation contractors for more information. They can do a visual inspection, note any cracks and stress points on the home or places where the ground has shifted, and let you know what you will need to have done to repair your slab. The services are usually warranted and will provide structural integrity for years to come. This will also provide great resale value to your home. An inspector will approve it for sale and any prospective buyer will find great reassurance in knowing they will not have to worry about slab repairs. Warranties are usually transferable as well. Your home is your castle, so you should protect it so it can protect you. You can find more info on what we offer by taking a look at our Youtube video.



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