Why Use Compost in Hartford CT

Does your landscaping look a bit sparse? Do you wish you had those full looking vibrant colored plants your neighbors seem to have? You can if you use compost in Hartford, CT. It will make all your plants healthier and stronger.

Compost is rich in nutrients for plants. Making compost can be a hassle. Saving enough food scraps like fruit peels, coffee grounds and egg shells plus lawn clipping, leaves and shredded newspaper takes time. It takes up to a year for the materials to completely decompose so you won’t even be able to use your new compost for a while. You have to layer the ingredients. The brown layer is made up of dry leaves, lawn debris such as chipped bark and newspapers while the green layer is kitchen scraps and green grass clippings. You need room for a compost bin in your backyard. You also have to make sure and turn the materials inside the bin every so often so that they get air to assist in the decomposition. This is called cold composting.

You can speed up the process a little by adding a little water, nitrogen and carbon. This is called hot composting. Then you will have compost ready to use in about 3 months. If this is not for you, consider a landscaping company that can provide compost. It will be ready to use so you can complete your landscaping in no time. Most companies like website even accept your materials to place in their compost heap so you don’t have to worry about getting rid of them. Take your lawn bags of leaves, lawn clippings and yard debris to them as you collect them. You will be recycling that material and getting it back in the future as compost! Recycling is always good for the environment.

Get compost in Hartford CT or in your hometown for your landscaping. Instead of buying composting supplies, you will save time and money by purchasing ready made co

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