Why Trucking Accident Victims Should Never Be without a Personal Injury Attorney in Angola, Indiana

There is no doubt that car accidents are scary. Furthermore, when cars collide with large trucks, it can be downright harrowing. Because of the sheer size of these commercial trucks, it’s often the driver of the car who ends up with severe bodily injuries. In the most serious of these accidents, these injuries may land the victim in the hospital or require many years of physical therapy, often resulting in piles of medical bills and lost wages. In these situations, hiring an experienced personal injury attorney is key. Although some may try to convince the victim that a truck accident lawyer is just another unnecessary expense, here’s why that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In many cases, the trucking company will do everything in its power to shift the blame to another party. In some cases, they may try to blame to the victim. In other cases, they may attempt to shift the blame towards a manufacturer who sold them a faulty part, to a mechanic who didn’t do an adequate job of maintaining the vehicle, or even to the city for not keeping the roadways as safe as they should be. A personal injury attorney in Angola, Indiana will have the necessary knowledge to conduct his or her own investigation, using evidence and testimony to get to the truth. They’ll then use that information to build a solid legal case for their client.

If playing the “blame game” doesn’t work, the trucking company’s insurer will often try a different game: bullying the victim into accepting a low-amount settlement. Having access to an experienced attorney in Angola, Indiana, means having someone who can field the insurance adjuster’s phone calls on behalf of the victim. Because an attorney will have an accurate estimate of what the case is worth, they won’t be intimidated into accepting low-ball offers from the insurance company. When the insurer knows that the victim has a lawyer on their side, they are more likely to play fair.

The simple truth is that trucking accident victims often can’t afford not to work with an attorney to resolve their case. Those who have had the unfortunate experience of being in a trucking accident should consider getting in touch with the experienced attorneys at Grimm & Grimm. Visit this website to learn more about how they may be able to help victims get the compensation they deserve so that they can finally move on with their lives.

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