Why Should You Choose a Full-Service Dentist?

Of course, you remember the Cary, IL dentists who cleaned your teeth and filled your cavities, but dental offices have expanded their horizons. Many of them are now offering full-service dental care which can be an advantage to you and your family. Think about how easy and convenient it would be to be able to have all your dental needs met by a dentist who can clean and seal your children’s teeth and provide you with cosmetic dental services as well.

General Dentistry Services

When you are considering a full-service dental practice, the following is a list of the general services they should offer:

   * Cleanings
   * Preventative check-ups
   * Fluoride treatments
   * Sealants

They should also provide restorative services such as:

   * Fillings
   * Bridges
   * Crowns
   * Cracked or broken tooth repair

Cosmetic Services

This is where a full-service dental practice shines. Instead of having to visit two or three offices, you only need to visit one where you have developed a relationship with your dentist. It makes it much more pleasant to have procedures done when you are in a place where you feel safe and have established rapport with the dentists and staff there. Cosmetic services that are typically provided can include:

   * Teeth whitening
   * Veneers
   * Dentures
   * Braces/Invisalign
   * Bonding for stained or chipped teeth
   * Implants
   * Tooth removal when necessary

It used to require a trip to an orthodontist for braces, now you can have it all in one place. Today’s dental practices have advanced by leaps and bounds over the past years and you can reap the benefits of that. One of the things you need to be certain of is that any dentist you are considering is properly licensed and that he or she has a reputation for being skilled in all aspects of dentistry. At Cary Dental Associates, LLC, the dentists and staff are extremely well-versed in all areas and can provide you with a gorgeous smile.

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