Why Residential Heating System Maintenance in Bradenton, FL Matters

The EPA says the lack of residential heating system maintenance in Bradenton FL is one of the top reasons for the failure of heating systems today. The majority of people in the world would never think of skipping oil changes on the vehicle, but the same people often neglect to service their heating systems for years at a time. It is a common issue because most people just don’t think about heating system maintenance until the system breaks down in the dead of winter, just when the heat is needed the most. There are many advantages to doing regular heating system maintenance, and not being stuck with a freezing home at the worst possible time is one of the biggest of these.

Another great reason to get the residential heating system maintained on a regular basis is the money savings. By not maintaining the heating system, it will slowly lose efficiency-;around a five percent loss every year, in fact. The majority of any electric bill is composed of either heating costs or air conditioning costs, so when the heater is not efficient, the results hit the wallet immediately. This means that every year it will cost more and more money just to keep the heating system working at the same level. A maintenance checkup is a perfect time for the technician to resolve any efficiency issues, do necessary cleaning, and make it easier to keep the heater running as it should. This can save a great deal of money in electric bills over time.

One of the biggest reasons to have the heating system maintained on the recommended schedule is the warranty. While many warranties will cover a heating system for years after the original installation, the warranty is, typically, worded in a very specific way. In short, a system that is not maintained according to the manufacturer’s recommended specifications will lose its warranty coverage. The maintenance isn’t costly, and it will repay you in terms of system longevity. If you are in need of Residential Heating System Maintenance in Bradenton FL, consider the expert team at Arctic Air 4 Me. Check out Arcticair4me.com to learn more now.

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