Why Professional Newborn Photography In Charleston SC Is Important

Most women often neglect getting pictures taken, even when it is a special occasion, such as the birth of a child. During a first-time pregnancy, you experience everything to the fullest and do everything possible. You probably filled in every page of your baby book, took all sorts of precautions and have a never-ending mirage of pictures to show every stage of your child’s life. However, over time, pictures and baby books can seem like a hassle, so you put them off until they don’t get done. However, professional newborn photography in Charleston SC is still crucial, whether it’s your first child or fifth.

When Is The Best

Photographing your baby is a rite of passage for most people, but newborn photography in Charleston SC is a relatively new phenomenon. Most people preferred to wait until the baby was three months old before taking pictures, due to many old wives’ tales and other reasons. However, it has grown in popularity and can offer many benefits.

Timing And Position

It is usually best to photograph babies when they are sleeping because you can get the look and style you want without them crying, laughing at the wrong time or spitting up. Newborns are usually in a longer and deeper sleep than older babies, making it easier for the photographer to get the perfect snap.

Positioning older babies can be more difficult, as well, because they want to move around and won’t sit still for any length of time. Newborns still have their fetal position, so you can pose them easily and quickly, without taking up so much time.


While no mother or father will forget the first few sightings of their new baby, over time, the details of those tiny fingers and toes will fade with time. Your child will grow bigger and bigger, making you forget the minute details of their infancy. Plus, as your kids get older, they will be interested to see how they develop over the years.

Why Professionals?

Professional photographers who specialize in newborns will put more effort into the shoots, try out various poses and change props frequently. They understand your need for perfectionism and will work hard to give you the photos you want, whereas traditional photographers may not be able to take the time to do so. Plus, you’ll have professional shots of your baby instead of more immature shots from family and friends.

Newborn photography in Charleston SC is the perfect way to remember your baby as they get older. Visit Many Clark Photography today to learn more.

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