Why Parents Should Consider Gymnastics Pre-School Programs in Fairfield, CT

Enrollment numbers tend to surge in gymnastics pre-school programs in Fairfield CT, following the Summer Olympics. Parents need to realize that gymnastics can benefit children at any time and any age. There are academic, social, and athletic benefits associated with this sport that will be of aid to every child. Following are factors some parents need to keep in mind as they decide if this option is right for their son or daughter.


Research shows gymnastics helps to increase communication between the hemispheres of the brain. This is helpful when the child learns to read, as this activity also requires the use of both hemispheres. In addition, children learn to take small movements and combine them into a bigger routine or skill. Children use this skill when they work through sequential instructions in school.


Children who participate in a class environment at a young age find they adapt better in the school setting. They learn how to move through a sequence without becoming lost and how to sit and pay attention to the instructor. They master waiting for their turn and love being asked to be a leader. When learning a new skill, they must practice and, when this skill is mastered, they gain confidence in their abilities.


Gymnastics helps a child increase their flexibility, balance, coordination, and strength. As they build strength in their core muscles, their posture improves, and this helps in the classroom environment. All activities in gymnastics are designed to improve on this core strength, from simple tasks like walking on a balance beam on the floor to jumping and squatting on an elevated balance beam. Thanks to the repetition of a gymnastics class, children master these skills in a short period of time, allowing for improvements in their coordination and balance.

Visit Next Dimension Gymnastics to learn more about their pre-school programs in Fairfield CT. This facility strives to provide high-quality gymnastics instruction to children of every age in a positive environment. Children are taught that success isn’t measured in their victories, but simply by participating in the class and having fun. There is no pressure in the class, and children thrive in this type of environment. It’s the perfect option for every child.

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