Why More Contractors Use Andersen Windows In Colorado Springs New Construction Projects

Windows allow natural light to flow inside a home and let those indoors to take full advantage of any natural views that a property may provide. Despite their benefits, if they are not adequately designed or installed they have a dramatic effect on the overall energy efficiency of a home. Here is a quick look at why more contractors recommend Andersen Windows in Colorado Springs, and the many benefits they offer a homeowner.

Stylish Designs

One of the easiest ways to add character to a home is to incorporate the use of a variety of different window designs. Standard rectangular models are often the most commonly used but offer little in the way of character. Many window manufacturers produce custom-designed frames, which gives a home a unique and one of a kind appearance and transforms the windows used into a piece of stunning art.

Energy Star Certified

There have been many advancements in window technology that allow them to offer superior protection from the elements. Andersen Windows in Colorado Springs was the first window manufacturer to gain the energy star distinction award from the US Environmental Protection Agency, and they have been a partner agency for 20 years running. The innovative technology used in their construction allows them to keep a home comfortable all year long, and provide an impressive life expectancy.

Environmentally Friendly Production Process

One of the most significant concerns during the construction of a new home is the overall environmental impact the project creates. The use of windows that are constructed using green technology ensures minimal waste and greenhouse gasses are produced during the manufacturing process. Using green products allows a person to reduce the carbon footprint associated with building a new home and feel positive about the environmental impact of a project.

The windows used in the construction of a new home are one of the most critical factors, and play a crucial role in the overall efficiency of the property. The team at Peak View Windows and Siding offers a complete line of quality products that add value and peace of mind. Check out Peakviewwindows.com to learn more and see whey they have been a leading provider of window repair and installation services for more than 20 years.

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