Why Mobile is the future of e-commerce

Mobile searches have in the past few years surpassed the searches done on the desktop platform. For those running an e-commerce website, if this is not motivation enough to strengthen the website’s mobile offerings, the following reasons might be.

Taking over

According to some of the most trusted experts in the e-commerce world, the growth of mobile commerce indicates that e-commerce is no slowly taking over the world. Mobile commerce has grown 30 percent so far in 2016, and is now expected to grow even more. With the number of mobile options available and the value demands of the user, consumers are increasingly adopting mobile options; from shopping and connecting with friends to managing work options.

Time spent

Consumers are spending more time on their mobile devices, providing retailers with greater opportunity to reach them. According to research, almost 90 percent of all the mobile usage time is spent on apps. With a strong mobile presence, retailers will be active in the space where most of their target customers are already spending majority of their time. The impact of mobile is even greater when you consider the sharing aspect, with more consumers sharing retail experiences, especially with the social sharing platforms available.


Every Denver Mobile Web Design expert knows that one of the biggest advantages of mobile is the engagement. Design and user interface elements are the most important aspects in mobile web development. People enjoy the app experience because every app has that unique feeling and experience. However, every user only ever gives their apps or websites one or two chances to impress. If they do not, then they move on to another. Major retailers have in the past struggled to create quality mobile experiences, instead counting on the customer loyalty that already exists. The mobile experience is an entirely different one, and getting it right will have your company leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.


Today, majority of purchases online are made via the desktop platform, so many people still claim that mobile is not too important. But the tide is changing, and the best side to be on is mobile. Like us at Facebook

The website is your company gateway to the customer, the first selling point, the first impression.

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