Why It’s Important to Invest in Log Home Restoration & Maintenance ?

Log homes can be stunning, and those that are properly maintained usually are. Unfortunately, however, many log home owners are unaware that they need to maintain their homes, and so they let the logs that make up their homes rot and decay until restoration is virtually impossible. If you own a log home, do not let it fall into disrepair, and invest in log home restoration and maintenance. Not sure what that entails? Consider the following:

Staining and Finishing

Wood is highly susceptible to sun, water and weather damage, and is a choice prey for insects and rodents alike. You can protect your home from excessive wear by investing in wood refinishing and staining services. Stains and sealants serve to extend the life of your home by sealing off any cracks and crevices in the wood and protecting it from the elements.

Routine Washing

Companies that specialize in staining and finishing log homes offer cleaning services as well. Before staining your home, the team you hire will power wash the exterior to rid it of any debris, dust, pollutants or insect remains, such as egg sacs, skeletons, and webs. A good washing will also reveal any problem areas of your home that you need to fix, such as failed caulking or chinking.

Improving the Appearance

Once your home is sufficiently washed and stained, consider adding a latex, waterproof glaze. This will not only add extra protection from the elements, but it will also improve the overall appearance of your home. If you want your home to look good and to be in good health, ask your painters about a finishing glaze.

If you own a log home, it’s important that you invest in log home restoration and maintenance. Reach out to ESP Painting to learn more about what that entails and to schedule your free estimate. Their team delivers exceptional, timely and professional painting results.

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