Why It Pays to Have a Contract With a Residential Heating Service

Having a home heating unit comes in handy, especially when the weather gets a little chilly. In order to get the most benefit from the system, it pays to talk with a representative from a local Residential Heating Service and see what it would take to set up a service contract. Here are a few of the benefits that come with having this type of arrangement in place.

Annual Inspection Included

Just about every Residential Heating Service includes one complete system inspection per year in the contract terms. This makes it easy enough to have the system checked either just before winter begins or as spring arrives. If any problem is detected, it can be resolved immediately and not pave the way for other issues to develop. This one aspect of the contract will go a long way toward justifying the cost.

Discounts on Service Calls

It is not usual for service contracts to include discounts on service calls. There are times when the terms and conditions will allow a limited number of free services calls. Those can often be claimed when all the technician has to do is make some minor adjustment rather than replace a worn component. This benefit will also save a significant amount of money over the life of the contract.

Lower Rates on Replacement Parts

The contract will likely have provisions for discounts on certain components. The discount may be in the form of a percentage off the current market price for the part or a fixed amount that is deducted from the cost set by the repair service. All it will take is one major repair to more than cover the annual cost of the service contract.

For homeowners who do not currently have service agreements in place, today is the day to call the team at Poudre Valley Air and discuss the options. It will be possible to find a plan that is a good fit for the client and ensure help is never more than a phone call away. Once the contract is signed, all the customer will have to do is make the required payments and contact the provider when and if the need for help arises.

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