Why Investing in an AC Service Contact Makes Sense

After installing a new heating and cooling system, the homeowner would do well to maintain the unit properly. This is where the idea of an AC Service comes into play. Choosing to set up a specific plan for maintenance and upkeep with a professional will provide a number of benefits. Here are some examples.

An Annual Inspection

It is not unusual for an AC Service contract to include one free inspection each calendar year. Even if the system seems to be running just fine, having the inspection is a great idea. Not all issues with a heating and cooling unit are easy to detect in the early stages. By having a professional check the system from top to bottom, it is easier to identify those little issues and take care of them before they can blossom into major problems.

Discounts on Service Calls

Without a contract in place, the homeowner can expect to pay some type of fee each time a professional comes out to check the unit. Many service contracts allow clients to enjoy at least a limited number of free service calls. Other contract terms may include discounted rates for those calls. With either approach, the client ends up with less out of pocket expense.

Price Breaks on Parts and Labor

When there is the need to make some type of repair to the unit, there is a good chance that the provisions of the service contract will reduce the expense. Rather than paying standard rates, the customer will enjoy discounted pricing for parts and maybe even labor costs. The discount may be in the form of a set amount, or be a percentage off whatever the current retail rate happens to be.

The bottom line is that securing a service contract for a heating and cooling system makes sense. For homeowners who do not have one in place, contact the team at Four Seasons Heating & Cooling Specialists Inc. today. After reviewing different plan options, it will not take long to find one that has the right range of benefits and a price that the homeowner can easily fit into the family budget.

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