Why Insulation in a Home Should Periodically be Inspected

The insulation in a building plays an important role in controlling the temperature inside a home. The padding is designed to prevent cold and hot air from passing through the walls, flooring, and roof of the dwelling. When the insulation becomes old and starts breaking down, it does not work as efficiently and should be replaced. While insulation is designed to last for 100 years, other factors can affect the material to make it stat breaking down. To ensure that padding is in optimum condition, it is important to have a company that offers attic insulation services in Milton area to inspect the material at least once a year.

Reasons to Insulation Should be Replaced

  • Mice and other types of pest will break down the insulation to make their home. It is important to have the material checked for rodents to prevent an infestation in your home.
  • Poor insulation can lead to inconsistent temperatures in the home that can increase your energy bill as your HVAC must work harder to regulate how cold or hot a home is.
  • Flooding or water leaking into the attic or walls can cause water damage to the insulation that will break the padding down and promote the growth of mold.
  • The insulation is old lowering the quality of material needed to insulate your home, a professional that offers attic insulation services in Milton should be called in to replace the material in older homes.
  • Proper insulation can increase the chances of selling your home quickly when it is placed on the market.

Schedule an Inspection Today

George Kent is a well-established home improvement company that provides exceptional workmanship to homeowners in the Greater Toronto area. From patio doors to window replacement, they can meet any need a client has when improving their home. If you suspect a problem with the insulation in your home, you should schedule an appointment with them to determine if your home can benefit from new insulation.

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