Why Dental Implant in New Iberia LA Beat Out Dentures and Any Other Tooth Replacers

A fake tooth or no tooth at all? It is always an option to avoid getting a tooth replaced or just having it removed and left without a replacement. Patients have a number of fantastic alternatives for teeth replacement, but they aren’t all created equal. Though amazing strides have occurred in dentistry, one particular option is more effective than others. This is a Dental Implant in New Iberia LA.

A dental implant is often superior to a bridge. A bridge connects two teeth that are together (adjacent). This means that the bridge is less intact and potentially more prone to falling out or getting damaged. Because it does require two adjacent teeth, it is not always an option. A Dental Implant in New Iberia LA is for one tooth.

Dentures have a few problems as well. There are purely cosmetic concerns. Dentures are to be removed often for cleaning purposes. They are not permanent (or as permanent as a bridge or implant can get). This feature can be a con for some. Dentures are also more affordable. Older patients prefer them (and are recommended them) due to age. Older patients may not be able to go through the potential surgery needed for an implant. This feature of removal could be considered an advantage. Dentures do have the problem of needing multiple visits to get the fit right. Since they are not adaptable, a change in the mouth could require a whole new set to be made. They don’t always fit perfectly, and that could be noticed.

There are some advantages to bridges and dentures, but implants are the best for pure effectiveness. They may not be the most flexible in getting them out and back in at will. They may also not be the most affordable. Yet, on pure quality, they are the dental industry’s leading product. A prosthetic tooth is attached to a screw that is added where the root was. What results is a perfect replacement, one that is not visible or noticeable as a fake? That may be the number one feature of success. Call the Babineaux Family Dental office for an appointment today.

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