Why Choose Implant Dentistry in Loveland CO?

If a person is missing one, or more, of their teeth, they are likely looking for a viable, long-lasting solution for the problem. After all, missing teeth can be a source of embarrassment for some, resulting in them avoiding social situations in many cases. While there is the option to have dentures crafted to restore the smile, there is a better, more effective and longer-lasting tooth replacement method; implant dentistry in Loveland CO. Getting to know a bit more about dental implants and the many benefits they offer can help a person determine if this is the right tooth replacement option for their needs.

Dental Implants are Surgically Placed

At first, this may sound like a drawback to Implant Dentistry in Loveland CO. However, this is actually a good thing. With dentures, there is no stimulation to the jaw bone where the lost tooth used to be. This means that, over time, the bone is going to deteriorate in this area, which can lead to the loosening of any teeth that are left behind and, if multiple teeth are missing, result in a sunken, sagging appearance in the face. However, since a titanium rod is placed in the jaw bone as part of an implant, it will stimulate growth, minimizing the adverse effects that typically occur with missing teeth.

Implants are Permanent

Dentures have to be removed and cleaned on a regular basis to continue looking and functioning well. However, a dental implant stays in place. This means a person doesn’t have to worry about the new tooth moving, slipping, or causing issues while they eat or talk. The implant can be cared for just like the natural teeth and, in many cases, when properly cared for, can last a lifetime. This makes it much more appealing than dentures that have to be replaced on a regular basis.

Considering all the options available for tooth replacement can help a person find the one that is right for their needs. It is a good idea to carefully consider implant dentistry if a person is missing one or more teeth. More information about this type of tooth replacement can be found by taking some time to click here.

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