Why Choose Custom Wood Doors

Many people building a new home choose to install custom wood doors. They are a unique expression of what makes a home truly “yours.” Custom jobs allow you to choose from different wood species, finishes, colors, accents and even glass designs. After all, it isn’t a door – it’s the first impression! A door leads you into the room so it should have its own stunning, distinctive and memorable style. Here are the types of customizations available when creating your door.

There are many different kinds of wood to choose from – pine, alder, cedar, cherry, etc. You also have the choice between solid or hollow core. When doing a custom job, you get to pick whatever you think best suits your style and budget.

After you choose what material to use, you can pick out your finish. By going the custom route, you can pick whatever color or stain you desire. This can be especially great for people who have their heart set on a very particular color. Remember that exterior doors will need a more weather resistant finish.

A door doesn’t have to be boring. You can add trim, wooden designs, glass, painted designs – whatever you can think up! Different ideas can be found on the web but at the end of the day you can have whatever comes to your mind!

Many people choose custom doors simply because what’s out there doesn’t fit the size of their doorways. Whether it’s interior or exterior, every home is different. If you decide to do custom wood doors, they can be made to whatever specs you need. You also have complete control over door swing, so that it’s suited for left or right-handed people.

There are endless types of doors. Some popular options outside of swinging doors are a pocket, sliding, folding, flush, barn, panel or flush. Depending on your home, choosing a space-saving door could make all of the difference.

If you choose the right company, they can turn your custom wood door dream into a reality. Your door is the gateway to your home, so be sure to pick the style that suits your taste and lifestyle!

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