Why Choose a Professional for Transmission Repair, Find the Best in Chicago

While most people think they need to go to a specialty shop when they need transmission repair, your regular auto mechanic or shop can handle the work, as well. Plus, it may be less expensive because they can also take care of any other issues or needs while you’re there. Chicago residents should always go to a professional they trust because the transmission is an essential part of your vehicle and helps it move forward and backward.

Peace of Mind

Having your mechanically-inclined friend do the work may seem like the best idea, but you could end up worrying about things later. Unless they’re a mechanic by trade and are offering you help, you should go to a professional because they likely have warranties. If something goes wrong with the part of the work wasn’t done right, you can take it back and have it fixed.


Contrary to popular belief, auto repair shops use technicians who have learned about all aspects of the vehicle. Therefore, they are trained well in transmission repair and can take care of it for you. Instead of you having to find a specialty shop, you can go to whomever you trust.

The Right Tools

Chicago residents who are mechanically inclined may think they can do it themselves. However, you probably don’t have the right tools, and while many auto-part stores allow you to rent tools (sometimes for free), you still need the time and space to do it. Depending on the issue at hand, you could require a full rebuild, which isn’t possible in your garage or in the driveway.

Transmission repair is best left to the professionals with training. Visit TRANS-O-MEX near Chicago at http://www.transomex.com to book your appointment or learn more about them.

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