Why are Kids Bible Lessons Important?

Our busy lives often get in the way of our spiritual needs. The soul, just like the body and the mind, needs to be nourished. Kids Bible Lessons offer a powerful way for students of God to celebrate His glory in a relaxed setting. A child’s early understanding of the Bible will provide them with a strong spiritual foundation for the rest of their lives.

One of the biggest barriers to a strong relationship to God is a fear of the Bible itself. The Bible is beautifully written series of stories that are inspired by God Himself, yet it remains difficult to fully appreciate without proper guidance. Kids Bible Lessons allow children to learn about the word of God without the difficulty of reading scripture by themselves. The instructors create lesson plans that involve a story or theme from the Bible that are appropriate for the age group. The group can then discuss difficult parts of the text and ask questions, getting answers from the instructor as well as from group members.

A healthy understanding of the Bible as well as having a strong role model at an early age helps a child to develop their moral compass. What better person to serve as a role model than Jesus Himself? During Bible lessons, students will learn about the varied miracles that Jesus performed. For instance, Jesus not only healed individuals with leprosy, paralysis, and blindness, but He also resurrected Lazarus from death. He stood up against injustice and was fearless while doing so. Who could forget the story of Jesus flipping the tables on the money-changers who brought despair and thievery into a temple in Jerusalem (Matthew 21: 10)? Jesus not only spoke about living a righteous life; he lived it.

Forging a closer connection to God is vital, especially during childhood. Bible lessons are one way to get deeper in touch with God while celebrating Him with a group of like-minded souls. World of Life Church, based in Honolulu, Hawaii, offers Kids Bible Lessons in addition to a wide variety of services. Word of Life is about loving God, loving people and loving life. In addition to spiritual offerings, the church has educational services available. Wellness and health screenings are also offered regularly. More information is available at Wolhawaii.com. You can follow them on Twitter.

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