Why are Fire Tables in Salt Lake City, UT Continuing to Increase in Popularity?

Choosing outdoor patio furniture isn’t always easy. There are so many different things to take into consideration including the number of seats, the size of the table, and even any special features that are well worth the cost. Recently, homeowners have decided to take a different route when choosing their outdoor patio table, opting instead for a variety of Fire Tables in Salt Lake City UT.

They Serve More Than One Purpose

Sitting around a fire table, homeowners immediately realize that they serve more than one purpose. They provide a heat source when temperatures drop. Everyone can pull up a chair and enjoy spending time together while staying warm. At the same time, most tables still leave enough room for drinks, and in some cases even plates of food. They are ideal for entertaining. Most people enjoy the fire table even when temperatures are higher because of the ambiance it creates.

High-End Feel

It’s that same ambiance that gives backyards more of a resort-feel with the addition of Fire Tables in Salt Lake City UT. They cast a beautiful glow on the surrounding areas. They offer a warm place for friends and family to gather. And, fire tables are something commonly seen at resorts and high-end hotels in the area. Why not have that same feel in your own backyard?

Safe for the Whole Family

Families with small children are often hesitant to have any type of fire in their backyard. Those with pets have similar concerns. But a fire table is set up in a way that actually makes it difficult for smaller kids and pets to reach the flames. They would have to reach across an entire table to come into contact with the heat, making it much safer than firepits or even a regular backyard fire. It’s important to note that kids and pets should be supervised when they are near the fire table.

Is it time to add something special to the backyard? Contact Stone Mountain Castings & Design for more information on fire tables, mantles, and hearths for your yard. The possibilities are endless and each one offers something unique and interesting. Visit our Google+ page for more details.

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