Why Add European Antique Pottery to Your Garden?

Even after ages have passed, antiques remain in-demand for a variety of reasons. The best antiques are totally unique, have history attached to them, are hand-finished and hand-crafted. Antique pottery, in particular, is sought around the world and can easily make your garden stand out due to its timeless beauty and classic features.

Greek Antique Pottery
Some of the most popular Greek antique planters are produced using ancient techniques – for instance, they are shaped using foot-turned and hand-turned wheels. The result is a reproduction of age-old-shaped pottery that has been used to store tools, olive oil and olives for centuries. Each pot is distinct, with details and sizes varying. Leading providers of antique planters actually travel regularly to Greece, returning with several antique pottery pieces that are unrivaled in America. A centuries- or decades-old pot with wear, stains and markings will give your garden a historic touch.

Italian Antique Pottery
Italian antique pots can also bring a newly classic look to your garden. Reputable companies in the United States import and distribute a large inventory of a variety of classic pots that come straight from Italy. Italian classic pots showcase the types of traditional designs that have been enjoyed in Italy for years due to their rare characteristics and quality.

French Antique Pottery
French terracotta pottery today is one of the French garden’s most iconic symbols. This pottery, originally created by potters who received inspiration from the Medicis – an Italian bourgeois family–will take you back in time to the 16th century. The traditional pots available at a top-rated garden design center today feature medallions and garlands carved by hand – the same types of designs that have been carved on pots for hundreds of years. French terracotta pottery originated in Anduze, a French town, and with its classy look, your family and friends may think you personally found your new pots in the French countryside. Antique pottery is a simple way to enhance the look and feel of your garden, taking both you and your guests to a time and space that is the hallmark of elegant European living.

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