Why a Client Should Hire a Workers Compensation Attorney in Wisconsin Rapids, WI

When people get hurt on the job, whether it is their fault or not, they are entitled to a type of employer-paid insurance called workers’ compensation. This insurance should kick in to take care of any medical bills the employee incurs from being hurt on the job, plus any physical therapy that must be done, and the employee’s wages while out of work. Sometimes, the workers’ compensation doesn’t go quite smoothly and the employee may have to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer. A Workers Compensation Attorney Wisconsin Rapids WI helps employees understand their rights to workers’ compensation and will fight for them.

Understanding Workers’ Compensation in Wisconsin

There are three ways to get workers’ compensation in Wisconsin: a direct injury, a repetitive injury, and a pre-existing condition that was made worse. The direct injury is when the worker injures a part of the body immediately, such as a broken limb or a gash in the side. The repetitive injury comes when the employee uses a part of the body repeatedly and suffers an injury in that manner, such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

More on Understanding Workers’ Compensation in Wisconsin

After suffering an injury, it is important for the employee to report the matter immediately, and to be consistent in telling exactly what happens. If it turns out that the employee describes the injury one way to the employer but another way to the physician, the insurance company may give the employee trouble with paying the claim. Hiring an attorney will put the employee in the knowledge of certain benefits the employee may not otherwise have known. For example, the employee is entitled to payment for permanent disability and for mileage going to and back from medical appointments.

An Attorney to Help with Workers’ Compensation in Wisconsin

Injured employees who may need a workers’ compensation lawyer can find one by researching online. Duncan Disability Law S.C. is an example of a law firm that will help clients with workers’ compensation issues. If an injured worker needs to consult with a Workers Compensation Attorney Wisconsin Rapids WI, the law firm is available and can be reached at the website, http://duncandisability.com/. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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