Who is a Candidate for Laser Vision Correction in Colorado Springs CO?

Laser Vision Correction in Colorado Springs CO is able to treat a number of degrees of nearsightedness, moderate cases of astigmatisms and farsightedness; however, the procedure is not right for everyone. The ultimate goal for this procedure is to reduce the dependency the person has on contact lenses and glasses, but it is not able to guarantee that the person will achieve 20/20 vision. The good news is, the majority of cases are successful in improving overall visual acuity. In order to be eligible for Laser Vision Correction in Colorado Springs CO area, there are certain requirements a person has to meet. These requirements are found here.

General Health

Any candidate interested in laser corrective surgery needs to be at least 18 years old and in overall good, general health. They should not have any type of uncontrolled health problems such as vascular disease, autoimmune diseases or diabetes. They should also not take any type of medication or have a condition that will compromise the body’s immune response.

Eye Health

Any candidate for this procedure also needs to be completely free of any type of eye diseases such as optic nerve and retinal diseases, corneal disease, cataracts, glaucoma and keratoconus. They should not have any active eye conditions, either, such as herpes zoster or herpes simplex.

Eye Issues

Laser eye surgery patients need to let their doctor know if any certain eye issues are present, such as amblyopia, strabismus or other residual or recurrent eye conditions that may impact their ability to heal. Other types of conditions that need to be discussed with their doctor include scarring related to previous surgical procedures, claustrophobia or back issues. Any mental health issues should also be disclosed to the doctor& since this can impact the actual surgery or recovery process.

Laser Vision Correction can help to restore a person’s vision and reduce their need for contacts or glasses. While the procedure can cost more up front, over time it is much more affordable than having to continually purchase glasses or contacts. Taking the time to learn about the procedure will give a patient a much better chance of a successful outcome.
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