When to Use a Wakl in Clinic in Maui

There are some kinds of injuries and acute illnesses that obviously need to be taken care of at an ER. Others can be left on the back burner until an appointment can be scheduled with a patient’s primary care doctor. There are, however, an entire range of health problems that fall somewhere in between. When a patient is in need of immediate medical care for a condition that is not life-threatening, he or she may be better off heading to a Walk In Clinic in Maui than waiting for busy family doctors.

Walk in clinics can also come in handy for vacationers. Hawaii is widely known as a popular tourist and vacation destination, and unfortunately vacationers sometimes leave more than just their stress at home. They also leave their trusted doctors. There is no sense in waiting in endless lines at the emergency room for a refill of a prescription or to treat a simple injury just because a patient’s doctor isn’t local. This detracts from the ER staff’s ability to do their work, and inconveniences both doctors and patients. Those from out of state can instead find a Walk In Clinic in Maui who can provide the services they need without the inconvenience of flying home early or wasting valuable vacation days sitting around in a hospital waiting room.

Minor emergencies like allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and personal injuries can usually be treated at a clinic as well. Animal bites, stings, puncture wounds, and lacerations are all examples of wounds that are serious enough to require immediate attention, but may not constitute a major emergency. Immunizations like flu shots and pneumonia shots can also be obtained from a clinic should it be impossible to schedule an appointment with the patient’s primary care doctor. Some even provide physical exams and accept workers compensation claims, although it should be noted that not all do.

A walk in clinic can’t replace a primary care physician, who knows the patient and his or her medical conditions and needs. The right clinic can, however, bridge the gap between appointments. Not all clinics offer comprehensive medical services. Visit website to find more information about one that does.

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