When To Start Planning For Louisville Corporate Moving Services

Moving a home, condo or an apartment is a challenge, and moving for work, which may happen on short notice, is even more difficult. For this reason, many companies in Louisville offer a corporate moving service to their upper level employees.

Corporate moving tends to include a more comprehensive package as compared to moving services when individuals are paying for the service. Typically, for professionals in upper levels of management in a company, all services will be included. This includes packing and unpacking, any storage services required as well as support for packing of fragile or valuable items in custom crates or specialized boxes with additional padding and protection.

Scheduling the Move

As the moving service will have a contract to provide relocation services for the company, scheduling is usually prioritized to accommodate even short notice relocation needs.

However, with international moves, there can be additional steps involved and notifying the relocation company as soon as possible is the ideal option. This allows the relocation service to coordinate the move both with regards to packing, documentation requirements and having the necessary crews on hand to complete packing and loading.

Additionally, there may be the need to coordinate with a vetted moving company at the destination. Top corporate moving services will have a network of pre-approved movers to provide delivery, unloading and unpacking services to the standard required.

In some situations, the individual or the family may be required to move to the new location while the furniture remains in the home for the sale process. In these types of situations, or when storage is required for some or all of the contents of the home, the movers will be able to provide these additional services for the move. The HR staff in Louisville can work directly with the moving company to coordinate these more complicated moves both nationally as well as internationally.

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