When to Get Commercial Glass Repair in Arlington

When there is some type of glass damage to a business building, the first question is usually whether to get Commercial Glass Repair Arlington or to get a complete glass replacement. In most cases, the business owner isn’t able to determine which way to go until an experienced glass contractor is called in. Sometimes what may appear to be a minor issue with the glass is actually just a symptom of a much bigger structural problem that necessitates a full glass replacement. However, there are certainly a number of situations when glass repair is sufficient to keep the glass intact for years to come.

The most common situation where glass repair is preferred over glass replacement is the small cracks and dings. These are the types of cracks that measure only an inch or less in diameter. Usually, this type of damage is in a fairly unobtrusive place, for example in the lower portion of the storefront glass where it can’t be easily seen by customers. Repairing this type of damage is fairly simple. An epoxy resin is typically injected into any portion of the pane where glass is missing, and this will keep it from spreading further.

If the crack has started to spread, the glass contractor may drill tiny holes at the very end of each line. The small holes are then filled with the epoxy resin, which will stop the line from expanding further. This is a good option as long as the spreading has just started, however if the crack has already spread several inches or more the best option may be glass replacement. In cases where a small piece of glass is missing, for example, one single pane in a multi-pane window, it is usually best to simply have that pane replaced. There is usually no need to replace any other part of the glass.

Keeping the storefront clean and professional looking is an essential part of being a business owner, so staying on top of the glass is important. When seeking Commercial Glass Repair Arlington, consider hiring the glass experts at AAA Glass. They can work on both residential and commercial glass and have extensive experience in both areas.

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