When To Consider A Pop Vocalist For Your Wedding And Other Musical Choices

Weddings are an exciting time for the bride and groom, as well as their respective families. However, most people skimp on the music, finding that it costs too much to hire professionals. While it can get very costly, it can also help you make those special memories early on in the marriage. There is a time and place for everything, including a pop vocalist, but it’s important to know when to use them.


Before and during the ceremony, you’ll want to have music available to keep guests from getting bored or tired before festivities. Because guests will be arriving about 30 minutes prior to the ceremony, you can offer gentle music, such as a pianist or string quartet. This way, the guests can still mingle without it being too noisy, but won’t be greeted with awkward silence.

Drinks Reception

The drinks reception is typically where you and your new groom will be having your pictures taken. The guests will file into another room (or building) and wait for you two to finish getting your wedding photos. Providing music for them during this time can allow them to start getting into the party mood. Jazz or Swing music can be a festive way to keep people occupied until the new couple arrives.


The meal is a time for eating, but many people prefer to hear quiet music in the background. While live music can be nice, you may want to pipe classical music or other similar soft tones through the PA system or go all out and hire singing waiters.


For the party and dancing part of the wedding, consider a pop vocalist. They usually offer upbeat songs to get people out on the dance floor. They may even be able to provide more modern hits with a twist, depending on their style. However, you could also use them to play a saucy, slow song for you and the groom.

Live Versus DJ

While most people turn to a DJ to get all their music in one place, live music typically works better and is more memorable. However, if your budget just won’t allow it, consider hiring a DJ for most of it and hiring pop vocalists for one small part, such as the couple’s dance or sometime during the ceremony to help liven things up and keep the memories coming.

A pop vocalist may not be the first choice for a wedding, but it could offer many opportunities. Visit Sylvia Brooks today to learn more about her music and abilities.

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