When to Call an Emergency Plumber in Fort Wayne IN

It may be hard to know when an emergency plumber in Fort Wayne IN is really needed. Plumbing problems can sometimes occur at the worst possible times, for example the middle of the night or in the middle of a big holiday weekend. There are times when it’s okay to wait to call a plumber later, but it is best to consider a few simple questions when deciding whether it is actually an emergency or not.

The first thing that can help determine whether it is a true plumbing emergency is whether the plumbing in question will need to be used right away or in the near future. For example, if the toilet in a one bedroom apartment is completely stopped up, this is a situation that probably just can’t wait. However, if one of the toilets in a three bedroom home is clogged but the other two are fine, it can probably wait for the next business day to get help.

Another thing to consider is whether the plumbing issue is causing damage. For example, did a pipe burst and it’s jetting water continually into the home? That means it’s time to get a plumber in to help as quickly as possible. However, if there is only a small leak and the drips of water can be caught in a small bucket, there is likely no need to call an emergency plumber.

Some emergency situations are quite clear. For example, if it is the middle of winter and the pipes burst, this is something that needs to be managed immediately by the professionals. If possible, the homeowner can shut off the water valve themselves, as this can prevent further damage. If able to shut off the water valve, make sure to mention that this was done when calling the plumber. This lets them know that the most important thing has been done and that they can get to work right away when they arrive. If it is time to call an Emergency Plumber in Fort Wayne IN, go ahead and visit us on the Internet to find out more.

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