When Should You Get A Will?

Death is not something that most of us are comfortable with. We all assume that we’ll live to be a ripe old age, quietly passing to the other side once we’ve achieved everything we wanted. Unfortunately, though, that is just not the case for so many people. Even if you’re in the peak of health, an accident can end your life before you even know what hit you. That’s why it’s so important to have a will, just in case. But how soon should you get a last will and testament? Let’s go over the basics and determine what age is ideal for getting this crucial document.

What Happens if You Don’t Have a Will?

If you were to die tomorrow without a last will and testament, then what happens is that your possessions, your debt, and any assets you may have will be divided up by the courts and the state. Even if you only have meager belongings, your death may result in a large insurance settlement or payout, which will then be split up according to the state. A representative will be appointed by the court to act as an administrator, but this person doesn’t know you or your family, and may not be the best representative of your estate. Thus, having a will ensures that your loved ones are taken care of well.

How Old Should I be to Get a Will?

Ideally, everyone of legal age should have a last will and testament, just to be safe. However, it’s hard to think about death when you’re only eighteen and worried about college or academics. Nonetheless, if you want to wait, we would suggest that as soon as you have any kind of assets, like a car, a house, or any significant debt, you should get a will. That way, just in case the worst happens, your family is covered. While there is no “right” age to get a will, the sooner you get one, the better. The experts at 10 Minute Will can certainly help.

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