When Should You Get a Wheel Alignment in San Antonio

When you sit behind the wheel of your car, you place both hands on it at the 10 and 2 positions. As you move the vehicle forward, you may notice the wheel turns slightly even if you are not turning the tires. This happens when there is a misalignment in the wheels. If they are not properly aligned, the wheels do not automatically move in a straight pattern. This can be a problem over time, and it can lead to more wear and tear on your tires. To avoid this, schedule a wheel alignment in San Antonio.

When to Call for an Appointment

You should schedule a wheel alignment in San Antonio whenever you notice this type of pulling to one side. This can happen for many reasons. This includes hitting a few potholes or curbs. It can also become a problem after a new tire is installed. It is important to have an alignment done on a routine basis when having your oil changed. Most manufacturers recommend a tire rotation and wheel alignment every other oil change. This helps to ensure even wear and tear on the tires, reducing your need to replace them too soon. Vehicle owners also should keep an eye out for changes in their transmission, engine, and braking system. When repairs are necessary here, an alignment may be important.

Getting a wheel alignment in San Antonio is easy to do. Your goal is to have it become a routine part of the maintenance you receive from your trained and licensed technician. Overall, alignments help to minimize damage to the vehicle, keep you driving straight, and work to reduce the risk of an accident. For all of these reasons, it is important for vehicle owners to schedule them.

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