When is a Child Custody Lawyer Spokane WA Really Needed?

When going through a divorce, one of the key questions that many couples ask themselves is “Do I need a Child Custody Lawyer Spokane WA or not?” The answer to this question will be different for every set of parents, but there are several signs that clearly demonstrate the need for this kind of lawyer during divorce proceedings. If any of the following things are true, a child custody lawyer is probably needed.

Is the Divorce Contentious?

If the divorce is contentious – for any reason – it is always best to hire a child custody attorney. One of the most common occurrences in a contentious divorce is disagreement over the child custody. Even if the divorce starts out as a fight over other things, for example a battle over the couple’s joint property, it often ends up including an argument over the kids as well. The reason for this is often financial. The parent with primary physical custody will typically get child support payments from the non-custodial parent, and this money can be significant. This may be one way that a person can try to get money from their spouse when they simply can’t get it in any other way. Click here for more details about the child custody lawyer in Spokane, WA.

Do the Children Have an Opinion?

If the children involved in the divorce have an opinion about where they want to live, or if the children have already been placed with one parent but want to make custodial changes, it is time to contact a child custody attorney immediately. The age of the children does come into play here. A child who is age 12 or older is able to let the judge know where they prefer to live, and the judge may adhere to the child’s wishes. However, the judge can make a decision that is in the best interest of the child, even if it is against their wishes. A skilled lawyer can make sure to present the case in such a way that the child’s best interests are followed, regardless of what type of legal moves the spouse may try to make. If you need a local child custody lawyer in Spokane WA, call the Cooney Law Offices to talk about your case today.

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