When Are Farm Scales A Good Investment?

As a farmer or rancher, especially on a family farm, making investments in equipment is always a big consideration. Unless you have a good year, and even then there are multiple equipment purchases to consider for most farms, buying farm scales may be low on your priority list.

There are some very good reasons why farm scales should be moved to the top of your “must have” farm equipment list. They are one of the essential options for evaluating the various feeding or seeding programs you may be using, and the only way to ensure you aren’t spending more money than you need.

Livestock Operations

One of the biggest costs in a livestock operation, from beef to hogs, is the cost of feed. As a farmer, rancher or feedlot manager being able to measure and determine the best rate of gain based on the amount of feed is a critical factor.

With the right farm scales on the property, you can provide very accurate comparisons between different feed types and even different feed ratios. You can use the scales to measure accurately the amount of feed and also measure the rate of gain based on either lots or individual animals.

With this information, you can compare different feeds, different breeds, and even the various pens within a feedlot or cow-calf operation. The information can be used to make the most cost-effective decision moving forward.

Grain and Crop Production

With small or large grain and crop production operations having an accurate way to measure fertilizer, seed and other applications to the soil or crops are important. With different types of farm scales which can be used on planters or for grain carts, you can more effectively and accurately determine all elements of your production.

The days of just estimating your harvest or estimating the amount of fertilizer you are using are now over. Instead, with the use of farm scales, you can be very specific and precise in your data keeping. This not only helps you to plan better for shipping and selling, but it also helps you to manage your purchases in the spring to ensure you have the optimal amount of fertilizer or seed per acre.

In today’s highly efficient farming industry, farm scales are an essential piece of equipment which can help your farm be more efficient and highly productive.

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